​The best ICOs available right now

​This top section consists of long term holds. ICOs which have a longer term ROI invest, 1 year + in range. They are 100% on the up and up, have teams that are public, with Linkedin​ profiles, Githubs, and are reputable. ICO ratings provided by ICO Bench.

​Game Machine (GMIT)

​Game Machine (GMIT) is a token that will be used to finance independent video game titles, pay gamers, and income for investors. ​


​Storiqa (STQ)

​Storiqa (STQ) is a token for global e-commerce. Storiqa aims to be the Amazon and Etsy of cryptocurrency. Providing hosting solutions, and payment gateways for merchants. And a dedicated token for users .

​Titanium (BAR)

​Titanium and TBIS aims to create a decentralized web services network to help mirror or counter the currently very centralized internet. Partnership with Electroneum to scale it as it grows. Winner.

​Titanium has reached the hardcap!

​Covesting (COV)

​Covesting is a copytrading company for crypto. Skilled traders in crypto can recieve an 18% of the trading fees of the people who copy their trades. And less skilled traders can earn by copying. Win-win for all.

Coinloan (CLT)

​Coinloan is a lending and borrowing company which will allow people to borrow fiat currency through cryptocurrency holdings. And let lenders earn interest on loan contracts via cryptocurrency.

​Iungo (ING)

​Iungo is a revolutionary idea that will bring wifi to unserviced regions buy allowing people with data connections to sell wifi to others. Will be big especially in the developing world.

​​​Transcodium (TNS)

​Transcodium allows you to rent out your idle computer  for file editing and video coding on the blockchain. Truly genius idea and a way for people to make money while not at their computers.

The Abyss token

​Gaming token for gamers and devs alike. Unique ecosystem to pay players, devs CPA platform to advertise, fund projects. Very very promising.

​Scorum (SCR)

​Scorum is the total sports cryptocurrency package. The site features sports betting, fantasy, statistics database, blogging and commenting, streaming of games and more. Get paid to comment, earn money betting and winning fantasy games.

​best Lending Platforms for passive income

​Lending platforms are companies that allow you to lend them a cryptocurrency, usually their own cryptocurrency, and receive interest payments daily. Good for passive income to use for investing in ICOs and lottery picks.Get in early as possible.

​Goldreward (GRX)

​Goldreward features a lending program, internal staking wallet, and internal exchange. Ethereum based coin. Earn up to 1.5% daily. 

Goldreward can be purchased on the internal exchange or Coinexchange.

Blockchain : Ethereum

​Referral program : Binary

I have suspended my promotion of Goldreward until further notice.

​Davorcoin (DAV)

​Davorcoin experienced some hickups early on but has stabilized. Features lending, staking. Lending has unique features like autoreinvest, and added lending period bonus. 

Dav can be purchased on Coinexchange

Blockchain: N/A

Referral program : Unilevel​ : Direct 8%

​Monyx (MYX)

​Monyx is a highly anticipated lending platform. Lending details haven't been released yet and we're waiting for those details to come out. But you can get ready to buy MYX on the internal exchange at a low price.

Blockchain :  N/A

Referrals : Unilevel : Direct 8%

*Rating is in progress

​Lendconnect (LCT)

​Highly anticipated lending company which has an Ethereum based coin that is available now on Coinexchange. Generous referral program.

Blockchain : Ethereum

Referrals : Unilevel : Direct 17.5%

*Rating is in progress​

​Lottery pick ICOs

​These are ICOs and usually lending platforms, that are flipped usually for very high profits after ICO (500%+). Hard to buy sometimes, and usually not worth participating in the lending platform afterwards unless necessary. Questionable legitimacy. High risk, high reward. Then these funds can be used to invest into lending platforms and the ICOs listed at the top.

​Monetize coin 

​Monetize coin is essentially a lead generation company that will use your capital through their monetize coin, to fund ppc and target traffic campaigns and earn themselves income that gets passed on to you.

Blockchain :ETH

Direct Referrals : ​7%

ICO price : $0.​35


​Adverx (AVX)

​This is the best lending ICO I've ever seen. It features a very different set of lending terms, and has a 2 tier process they plan to implement starting with the AVX ICO.  Sign up is via invite only so sign up as soon as possible.

Cryptocurrency Mining

​Cryptocurrency mining is the process of using computer hardware in order to power the different blockchains. By investing in mining you're supporting the blockchain networks and are compensated for it.


​Hashflare is a mining company which offers mining of different currencies and multiple methods of Bitcoin mining. Automatic reinvestment is an option which is great because you can compoind your mining power for a while until you want to start a passive income flow.


​CCG is a cloud mining company based in the U.K. which features a number of coins. Bitcoin, Zcash, Litecoin, Ethereum, LBRY cred, Dash. Features short term and open ended contracts. High quality and transparent company.

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