​The best ICOs available right now

​This top section consists of long term holds. ICOs which have a longer term ROI invest, 1 year + in range. They are 100% on the up and up, have teams that are public, with Linkedin​ profiles, Githubs, and are reputable. ICO ratings provided by ICO Bench.

​​Ice Rock Mining (​ROCK)

​Ice Rock Mining is a Bitcoin mining operation that is run from inside a mountain in Kazahkstan. The company owns the surrounding acreage as well. The company runs a very energy efficient and cool mining operation as the temperature stays around 54F.  Profits are reinvested into expansion.

​​MinerOne (MIO)

​Not a pool. Not a cloud. Miner One is today's most advanced mining equipment and ultra-low-cost electricity. So everyone profits.

​​​Bankera (BNK)

​Bankera is a fantastic looking Crypto bank and payment gateway that already has a working product in Spectrocoin. The next phase is an exchange, investment fund, and bank.

​​Tokia (TKA)

​Tokia is a commission free exchange, payment gateway, and investing company. They will also feature a debit card in the future. Alternative to Crypterium.

Coinloan (CLT)

​Coinloan is a lending and borrowing company which will allow people to borrow fiat currency through cryptocurrency holdings. And let lenders earn interest on loan contracts via cryptocurrency.

​Blockmesh (NLC)

​ ​BlockMesh, a software company based in Mauritius - utilizes the latest innovations in mesh networking technology to create cost-free communication networks and aim to disrupt the global communications industry in 2018.

​​​Transcodium (TNS)

​Transcodium allows you to rent out your idle computer  for file editing and video coding on the blockchain. Truly genius idea and a way for people to make money while not at their computers.

The Abyss token

​Gaming token for gamers and devs alike. Unique ecosystem to pay players, devs CPA platform to advertise, fund projects. Very very promising.

​Skraps (SKR)

​Invest spare fiat and cryptocurrency change into diversified crypto-related portfolios. Skraps is the first company to offer micro investing to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Mining

​Cryptocurrency mining is the process of using computer hardware in order to power the different blockchains. By investing in mining you're supporting the blockchain networks and are compensated for it.


​Hashflare is a mining company which offers mining of different currencies and multiple methods of Bitcoin mining. Automatic reinvestment is an option which is great because you can compoind your mining power for a while until you want to start a passive income flow.


​CCG is a cloud mining company based in the U.K. which features a number of coins. Bitcoin, Zcash, Litecoin, Ethereum, LBRY cred, Dash. Features short term and open ended contracts. High quality and transparent company.

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