Crypto Mining

Bitcoin (BTC) Mining

Crypto mining began in 2010 roughly, Bitcoin mining  has been popular for the past 7-8 years or so but is increasingly hard to mine. Massive amounts of hardware are needed now.  So it’s not cost effective.

You can purchase ASIC mining rigs for BTC and Altcoin mining none the less.

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Bitcoin  Cash (BCH) Mining

Bitcoin Cash is a result of the SEGWIT split August 1st, 2017. Featuring a high bandwidth 8 mb blockchain to support faster transactions. In my opinion this is the future of Bitcoin. When financial institutions begin adopting cryptocurrency they will want the fastest blockchain possible. Bitcoin Cash has the bandwidth to support it. Currently Bitcoin Cash is also extremely profitable to mine.

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Altcoin mining


Out of the hundreds of coins out there are a handful that are truly worth mining.

Those are :

  • Dash
  • Monero
  • ZCash
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin

The only way to mine them that seems to be legit is either one of the ASIC machines above, or Genesis Mining.