Crypterium ICO review : Crypobank, merchant, and credit system. Amazing potential!!


Crypterium ICO review : Crypobank, merchant, and credit system. Amazing potential!!

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Transcript: Sutekh  here and it’s about 5:30 p.m. on Friday the 27th of October and guys I have another one I think this is going to be massive massive in the same vein as electronium and many other not many of them but a few other ico’s that come out recently let me explain to you why this is going to be so massive a success. Crypterium,  crypto bank for crypto people, what this is is an ICO for a cryptocurrency bank that can use to as a merchant Gateway you can pay for things with it The app will connect with staking wallets, and CRED which is their you can earn interest on your holdings.


So this is going to some of the highlights before we kind of piece everything together World wide,  no borders here’s just some of the bullet points it is lower cost and transactions mobile crypto Bank Without Limits and 42 million stores loyalty programs and cash back, contactless payments via NFC ,QR,  Apple pay, Android pay,  cryptocurrency acquiring open API so a lot of third parties developers will create things that will facilitate more monetary transactions and forms of making money. you know maybe they will create some type of platform that where you can invest Index Fund cryptocurrencies like a crypto index fund and you can connect it directly to the mobile bank  and then make exchange so, this has a very bright future .create third-party apps that connect and make it even more powerful. Now here’s a part for the merchant or purchasing Aspect much like Samsung pay Apple pay right now where you connect your credit card or your debit card and you pay wirelessly via RFID on machines and in stores, this has the same thing so you’ll be able to use Visa. Mastercard. Amex. PayPal. gift paytm, Apple pay, Samsung pay, Android pay, any place that accepts any of these you will be able to use your cryptocurrencies and mobile banking and then they have point of service software integration so stores you want to accept this is this is very very important okay stores that want to accept mobile banking will be able to integrate with it will be able to integrate with them, the big retailers will likely not be interested, at least now, in doing. But  somebody like me who has a number of Drop Shipping websites I will definitely use this to accept payments and then places where Crypterium looks to be accepted as a payment Gateway so shops resellers supermarkets online stores, which include many small e-commerce websites and stores Street retail vendors so on and so forth restaurant it’s electronic parking systems now that use apps to pay for parking so that’s a biggy as well.


I want to talk about the credit subtitle which is very interested they plan on using a sub token in order to facilitate credit lending and credit 30% of our transaction Revenue Commission Thanks our copt token holders and our  active users so people who use the mobile banking will be paid CRPT but also CRPT token holders. so this is why this is very important to invest right now and get in early because if you acquired the more tokens you acquire early on in the game the more you will be paid when this thing blows up and becomes huge and everybody’s using it to transact Money Shop so on and so forth so you know if this goes to exchanges and it’s accepted this is still the hold  you don’t want to dump this early at all you want to hold this for as long as possible. because you’re going to be paid handsomely for holding a lot when this stuff takes shape.



So here  is a rundown of the timeline 2013 to 15 so as you know I talked about the timeline and how it’s very important for the development. A long track record that you can go to right now They’re the real deal and you have people who are actually working on it and have them working on it for a long time so you know if this October 27th right now right and the ICO comes out on November 1st it says November 1st here Ico comes out and It said the development only went back to October 1st you know it was developing for a month then I know that’s something I really do not want to be involved with not in a serious way anyway maybe just too scalp and and make quick money as soon as it hits an exchange but I’m not looking to use that long term.

so this is something totally different so Is the Ico timeline timeline ranges from now up until all the way up to till next year you know late winter next year 2018 so so right now October 31st to November 6th that is the time to get in you get 10000 tokens 26% bonus 1 to 10,000 tokens 20% bonus 3000 tokens 22% and 30000 + 33% token bonus and the Bonus Goes Down significantly after that, November 7th and 27th 15% 10/6 + 3 and then no Bonus. I’m going put the link in the description box,  to sign up right now and you can check everything out on the website read the white paper read about the team read about the bounty and before I go.


i want to share the advisors and the team so here we are again just like Paragon just like we have faces that we can put names to faces they have LinkedIn updated and not fake and we have a death team here with their lengthens as well so we have a lot of faces involved you know about 20 to 30 people that you can point to that are involved with this even some people from other ico’s like to somebody here from that also work on Paragon going as well Nick Evdokimov, you know this is a very qualified team and you know who they are there’s no funny business and then we have a bounty program. and then the white paper and I’m not going to go into it but just know that they going to a lot of the technical details and a lot of the meat and potatoes of the cryptocurrency Ico so those people that fine you know the technical stuff important this year we have another winner I’m telling you this is going to be huge and so excited about this I can’t wait till it comes out and you know it’s going to be mad Call man the show me ico’s right now I’m in so many good ones select rhodium material so many good ones you know it is what it is it’s a great time to be involved and crypto right now so guys have a great Friday sign up in my description box, like the video, subscribe.


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