Daily Roundup – September 21, 2017


According to TheStreet, the CEO of ETF.com now believes an ETF based on bitcoin futures is now likely to be approved fairly quickly.

According to The Economic Times, Indian hackers are getting paid with bitcoin to attack specific victims. The hackers allegedly sell their services on the dark web.

According to CoinTelegraph, bitcoin miners have been invited to relocate to the Russian Leningrad region by the area’s governor. The miners would have access to the energy provided by one of the area’s local nuclear power plants.

Over at the Crypto Fundamental blog, the idea of using webminers as a replacement for advertisements and the culmination of the cryptocurrency microtransaction dream was explored in a post.

Over at the Windscribe company blog, the VPN provider has stated that users may now gain access to their service in exchange for mining monero on the company’s behalf.

Featured image via Pixabay.

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Source: Cryptoinsider


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