HYIP and ICO Watch

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Latest HYIPs to avoid:

Laser : Unsustainable HYIP with no information on how money is earned. AVOID

Football Change : HYIP that promotes Football(Soccer) player recruitment, 4 different investment contracts. How it all relates to each other? I have no clue, none of it makes sense. Similar promo video from their “CEO” to that of Control Finance.

Aurum Bank : Amateurish website, no explanation on how they make their gains, unsustainable gain %.

ICOs to Avoid

Westerncoin – Nothing unique to separate itself from the mass of ico coins out there. Horrible English on the website.

Hextra coin – Again, nothing special to separate itself. Don’t see it going far.

Regal coin – Poorly run, glitchy website, a lot of problems overall. Non-existent support.

Falcon coin – Simple Fiverr made script with run of the mill features, horrible English, incomplete site, domain purchased just days before site was built. AVOID

Atrox coin – Possibly a free Wix website, almost no information available on their website. Horrible English. AVOID.

Elektra coin – Domain was purchased days before the ICO came out. Nothing new. Terrible English on the website, no details about the devs. No support page.

Habricks coin – “Bonus” coins offered for being first. Suspicious move. A signal of someone exit scamming.

Homeblock coin – Absolutely nothing different than any other token, not sure what “Homeblock” means, doesn’t seem to mean anything.

Bitchamp – no actual website, no white paper, no metadata snippet, site was up less than a week after domain purchase, stay far away.

Neoconnect- Does nothing to separate itself, seems like a complete copy of Homeblockcoin, stay away.

Bitconnect X- Appears to be an exit for Bitconnect. No rhyme or reason for the ICO. They’ve never stated the purpose for the ICO or intent.

USI-Tech tech token – Plans on launching March 1st. This is after USI-Tech hasn’t been paying people and has already sold 260 million tech tokens. They want to sell 500 million more on a totally different website, with questionable team members.




Approved ICOs

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