P2P loans

Peer to peer loans (P2P loans)

Banks aren’t as trustworthy as they once were since the 2008 crisis, and as a result, consumers and lenders alike have been searching for ways to lend and  borrow money. Peer to peer lending is something that has come along in recent years, which allows some people who want to lend others money, to earn profit. In turn, people who want to borrow money can do so at a low interest rate with lenient rules.

This is a way that you can borrow money to invest in Bitconnect, or to trade. If you know what you’re doing and are confident, this is a smart approach to leveraging your credit score and history to make more money.

Real estate investors do this often, even borrow with credit cards if need be.

One trustworthy peer to peer lender is SOFI

Note : Only available to US citizens

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